Simmered daikon

Simmered daikon topped with shaved bonito flakes Daikon Water *enough to cover Daikon in pan1/4 teaspoon Dashi added to the water Powder (if using fresh made dasi substitute for the water & dashi powder)1/2-1 tablespoon Sugar2 tablespoons Soy Sauce1 tablespoon Mirin1 tablespoon Sake InstructionsSlice Daikon about 1/2 inch thickness. Remove skin and cut them in … Continue reading Simmered daikon

Kuwayaki Tori chicken recipe

Ingredients 600 g chicken thigh2 negi (spring onion)Potato starch for coating2 tbsp soy sauce2 tbsp mirin2 tbsp sake2 tsp sugar Instructions:Remove the excess skin and fat from the chicken but skin on the thighs Gently poke both sides with a fork and cut into bite-size pieces, Also cut the onion into bite side pieces about … Continue reading Kuwayaki Tori chicken recipe

Cucumber sunomono aka Japanese quick pickles

1 cucumber Persian cucumbers are best if you can't find Japanese onesDried seaweed wakame (optional)2 tsp salt Amazu or "marinade"2 tsp rice vinegar2 tsp mirin2 tsp soy sauce (lite not tamari)sesame seeds to sprinkle Wash & Thinly slice the cucumbers, we use a mandolin. Sliced and salted cucumbers Next hydrate the wakame in a bowl … Continue reading Cucumber sunomono aka Japanese quick pickles